A Call for “Unity”

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So the media and Joe Biden have declared him “president-elect”. Since the electoral college has not met to vote, he is not, by any stretch of the imagination president-elect, since he has not been elected yet.

The media is going out of its way to gaslight us by constantly referring to Biden as “president-elect” talking about his “transition team” like this is a done deal.

It might very well be a done deal.

But it isn’t, yet. The electors meet on the 14th of December to cast their votes, and at that point, a creepy, geriatric dementia patient might become the 46th president of the United States.

When Trump has exhausted all legal avenues, and the Constitution has been followed, I will accept the results and Joe Biden will be my president (at least until Nancy Pelosi can begin Article 25 proceedings against him and install Kamala Harris as the first female president*)

Then there will be a call for “national healing” and “unity” just like there was a call for healing and unity by the left when Donald Trump was elected. Wait, that’s right. There was no call for healing by the left there was this…

The power of the vagina.

And throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, they went after him, starting with trying to convince electors to be faithless, talking about Article 25’ing him, accusing him of collusion with Russia**, then they tried to impeach him with accusations of quid pro quo with Ukraine.*** They accused him of locking children in cages at the border.****

So no, there has not been any “healing” or “unity” for 4 years. There has been obstruction and harassment at least for the last two.

So should Donald Trump lose all of his suits, and Joe Biden becomes president, I will oppose any extra-Constitutional thing he proposes to do. And in 2024, I hope to be supporting Donald Trump in his bid for a second term.

* I would pay-per-view of Hillary Clinton’s reaction to that. 🙂
** That was actually Hillary Clinton and her campaign buy hiring a former British spy who put together a fake Russian “dossier”.
*** That was actually Joe Biden who threatened to withhold $1B of loan guarantees unless they fired the prosecutor who was looking into the energy company that was paying off Hunter Biden.
**** That was actually Barack Obama.