Democrats Propose “Fixing” Bankruptcy for Student Loans.

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And here we go again. Kids who were not taught the basics of economics and finance in high school between their sex education and critical race theory classes are borrowing humongous amounts of money to receive degrees that qualify you to either teach a useless class, or serve coffee and scones at Starbucks.

You are paid for the value you provide.

And all this because there is no criteria for a loan except that you have a pulse. Your degree does not need to throw off enough money to allow you to pay it off in a timely manner. So you can get as deeply in debt as you want to.

And yes, you wanted to. You signed the paperwork. You took the money and spent it. You are responsible for paying it back.

And here’s where the rubber meets the road. I do feel kind of sorry for them. There was nobody to tell them what a stupid thing they were getting into . But it does not abrogate their responsibility. They still owe that money. And morally they are required to pay it back. If they do not pay it back, then they have stolen the value they received from their professors, and the cost of the books, rent, etc. Somebody is going to pay it, and the Democrats try and set it up so it’s people who don’t vote for them who will get screwed.

The other lie that these kids have been snookered with, is that they need a degree to be successful. Actor Mike Rowe, of the show “Dirty Jobs” has other ideas.

“We’re lending money we don’t have to kids who can’t pay it back to educate them for jobs that don’t exist anymore. Bad idea.” — Mike Rowe

On a go-forward basis, we need to teach our children common sense. And many times that common sense does not blossom until their mid to late 20’s. How to prevent yourself from being in crushing debt is not to rely in the Democrats to make someone else pay it for you, it’s to either not get in debt in the first place, or have a plan to leverage your training into a repayment plan that gets you out of debt quickly and allows you to build wealth.