And So It Begins

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Gateway Pundit reported on Facebook flexing its muscles with regard to Australia after they had moved a bill forward requiring Facebook and Google to pay news organizations for their content that is posted.

Facebook has classically enjoyed a free pass to use content. When they were an independent platform like the phone company. Now that they are behaving like the New York Times, they are going to have to pay some of the money they get in revenue to the content providers.

Australia is only one country. There are hundreds of countries who may decide that they want cut off a slice of the multi-billion dollar Facebook empire.

Facebook is going to be begging to be regulated like a utility before this is over. They are playing a dangerous game. Excuse me if I pour a nice, tall, cold glass of Schadenfreude ’21 and sit back and watch the fun.


Well, that was fast: Poland fights big tech censorship.

The world leaders saw what big tech did to Donald Trump, and they don’t like it! They understand that they might be next.