Mitch McConnell Has to Go

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In an Op-Ed for the Wall Street Journal, Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell trashes President Trump:

There is no question former President Trump bears moral responsibility. His supporters stormed the Capitol because of the unhinged falsehoods he shouted into the world’s largest megaphone. His behavior during and after the chaos was also unconscionable, from attacking Vice President Mike Pence during the riot to praising the criminals after it ended.

Mitch McConnell

His supporters “stormed” the Capitol because:

  • Peppered throughout them were false flag Antifa members disguised as Trump supporters that were there to start trouble.
  • Voting was shut down at night in every swing state, and in the morning, Donald Trump’s huge lead was gone, and Joe Biden was leading by a small percentage. We had serious questions about the integrity of the election.
  • Congress (including Mitch McConnell) did not appear to take our concerns seriously. He does it in this Op-Ed, calling our concerns “unhinged falsehoods” when never investigating our concerns.
  • We Trump Supporters wanted to make our voices heard.

Add to that discovered after the fact.

  • The Capitol police knew about this ahead of time (which should in most normal cases absolve Trump of any wrongdoing), but did not call in the National Guard. Nancy Pelosi still hasn’t answered the questions as to why protection wasn’t beefed up.
  • The media lied about Officer Sicknick being killed by bludgeoning by a fire extinguisher.
  • Two other Capitol Police officers died by “suicide”* after the “storming of the Capitol”.

The situation has more questions than answers. Now the Biden administration is building a fence around the Capitol to keep out American citizens while halting work on the border fence which keeps out foreign nationals.

Mitch appears to hate Donald Trump, but that really isn’t true. It is, but only in an ancillary manner. Mitch really hates the American people. He has been in the Senate for 35 years (way past his sell-by date) and is more interested in keeping a tight grip on the reins of power rather that serving his constituents and more importantly, We The People.

Donald Trump serves We The People. He loves this country, and the people that make it up from all across this great land. Mitch McConnell doesn’t.

The choice is clear.

* Three Capitol Police officers dead under strange circumstances (two suicides one “stroke”) strains credulity.