The SCOTUS Texas Ruling

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I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed by the outcome of the SCOTUS filing by the state of Texas. After all the cheating by the Democrat machines in the Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Detroit and Atlanta, the fair outcome would be to have their electors invalidated and Donald Trump be declared president-elect!

But that would violated the Constitution. It is just the kind of thing that progressive judges would do, and I elected Donald Trump to prevent that. And so he did. He appointed three originalists to the Supreme Court.

When I thought about it, I wondered how they couldn’t get four Justices to agree to hear this case. So I read the ruling.

Short and sweet. How I interpret it: “We do not have the authority under the Constitution to tell the several sovereign states how to run their elections”. The argument I’m making is: “The Democrats violated the law”. The Justices appear to be saying: “We will not violate the law to fix it.”

I don’t like the outcome, but I have to agree with the Justices. This is how federalism works. The several states grant a certain portion of their sovereign power to the federal government. 18 specific roles. Other than that, they have to stay out.

Those who were disenfranchised in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan and other states, need to take things into their own hands with their state governments. They need to flood the polling and counting places in the future with poll watchers and lawyers. They cannot be bullied to leave. If they are, they need to call the Sheriff, and if the Sheriff is in cahoots, they need to call the FBI. This is a war. The Democrats have declared it. It’s up to us to finish it.

Now we have to focus on the campaigns and elections for Senate in Georgia. This will be a dress rehearsal for how we do things in the future. We need to get at least one of them elected. Both would be ideal. Then we can wait out 4 years of Biden/Harris until we can elect Donald Trump for a second term.