I’m Leaving Facebook

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Until the first of the year, maybe after.

I joined Facebook in 2009. It was a pretty cool platform where I could keep in touch with my friends and family and see what was happening in their lives. When it first started you got to pretty much post what you wanted. There were tools you could use to block someone who was annoying you, but for the most part Facebook was about you. It wasn’t about Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook was free to use. When a company is making money on something they are not charging you for, if you’re a thinking person, you begin to wonder how they make their money. Well, I discovered that the answer is: We are the product. They deliver us to advertisers to attempt to pitch us stuff.

I have enjoyed following politics all my life from the time I wore a “Nixon Now!” button for an elementary school class picture. That really hasn’t changed. I still am very interested in politics, but the people I interact with, over the years has changed. Politics for them is a very emotional thing. For me, it’s a thinking man’s game.

About that same time I was listening to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on my way home from work. They were giving me information that was a lot different than what I was seeing on TV, hearing on the radio or reading in the newspapers.

I began to realize that the mainstream media was lying to me. Mostly by omission by not covering certain stories, but sometimes even by directly lying.

NBC faked a Pinto explosion because they were trying to document how they blew up when struck from behind.

So I changed my information consumption habits. Then when Facebook came on the scene, I had another method of getting news that other venues were not reporting. Things seemed to go find for a while, but then there were complaints of change in reach for conservative accounts, and some conservatives were getting banned for violating “community standards”.

“Community standards” were pretty lax when Facebook started out, but became stricter and stricter (in a leftward direction) the more people (and the more power) they accumulated.

During the 2016 presidential election, when Donald Trump came down that golden escalator and stepped into the race, things changed.

What I saw was a loud mouthed, arrogant, opulent New Yorker who had a reality show I’d never watched where he fired people.

Looking though a slate of 17 Republican candidates, I ranked him 15th, right before George “The Walking Political Dead” Pataki and Lindsey “Douchebag” Graham*

His candidacy was a joke in the media, but he knew how to play them for free coverage. As each of my preferred candidates fell by the wayside, I was left with Ted Cruz. Then Trump knocked Cruz out of the race and Donald Trump was the Republican candidate for President.

I wasn’t that excited about Trump, but Hillary scared the living shit out of me. I pretty much agreed with Publius Decius Mus** that this was a “Flight 93 Election“. So I decided to sit back and watch what transpired.

It didn’t take long. Justice Scalia had died in the waning days of the Obama administration, and Mitch McConnell did the yeoman’s work of blocking the confirmation of Merrick Garland. One of the first things the new president did was appoint Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Trump gave us a list of justices he would appoint if elected, and he began keeping campaign promises one by one.

  • He appointed three SCOTUS Justices of an originalist bent.
  • He removed the requirement for birth control from Obamacare.
  • He increased financial aid to HBC’s (Historically Black Colleges).
  • He ended ISIS.
  • He ended our involvement in foreign wars.
  • And many more…

Most importantly, he loves America and the American people. He wants to take more power out of the hands of government and put it into our hands. He fights for us. And those who hate him really hate us. He’s just standing in the way.

But the fix was in long before election day. It started with the bogus polls showing Biden up by double digits in battleground states, while we are watching Trump rallies with hundreds of thousand people, and when Biden deigns to come out of his basement, he gathers 10 or 20 people. This is gaslighting, made famous by a movie of the same name filmed in 1944.

Then we had the election. When it was time to go to bed, Donald Trump was up in all the battleground states by a healthy margin. We went to bed, and in what looked like a coordinated effort, all the battleground states with Democrat governors stopped the counting.

But the counting didn’t stop. Pallets of ballots were delivered to these inner city counting centers in the middle of the night after all the Republican poll watchers were kicked out. That alone should have been a huge red flag! And in the morning, Joe Biden was “winning”.

As widespread voter fraud was reported, the mainstream media (including that Judas, Fox News who called Arizona for Biden way early) went into gaslighting mode. They want us to listen to “official” reports, “official” being those media outlets and stories they approve of. Bill Whittle lays it down for us here.

Pravda is actually a more fair and balanced media outlet than the “Alphabet” news organizations in the United States.

So here we are. I have no trust for either Facebook or Twitter’s “fact-checking”. I don’t think they could identify an actual fact if it bit them on the ass. So I have no need of them for my news.

Now to keep connected with friends and family, if they come over to Gab.com for Facebook and Parler.com for Twitter, I’ll be able to delete my Facebook and Twitter accounts and make a permanent move, but this is why these tech companies are considered monopolies. Not because they don’t have competition. They do. But they have all the people and the value to the people is all the other people. So until everyone who wants to leave can convince all of their friends to use the new platform, we’re stuck with Facebook and Twitter (unless we just forego those connections)

* Graham redeemed himself in my eyes during the Kavanaugh hearings, and his support of the president during this election fraud has been stellar so far.

** Publius Decius Mus was the pseudonym of Michael Anton.