I Told You So

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My wife and I watched the movie Gaslight from 1944. Part of the reason we watched it was my wife didn’t really understand what “gaslighting” meant. At the end, she said “wow!”.

During this election season we were gaslighted by the media and big tech. President Trump knew what could happen with millions of mail in ballots floating around, but we were constantly told that we were conspiracy theorists, we didn’t understand how things worked, and besides, there has never been any evidence of widespread cheating.

After the polls closed, Trump was ahead in all of the battleground states, then the shenanigans started.

If you try to post any of this sort of thing on Twitter, you’ll get something like this:

Who are these “official sources”? The “official sources” are the ones on board with the gaslighting operation. Check with Snopes on these ones, you’ll find some reason it’s either “untrue” or “mixed”. All of these “official sources” are working together to make you doubt what you know your lyin’ eyes are telling you. This election is being stolen. And it’s not even done in a sneaky manner. It’s right out in the open, under camera.

So now, Joe Biden and his propaganda arm in the media are declaring him the winner.

Note the gaslighting sub-sub-title: “President, from golf course, doubles down on false election claims”. The litigation hasn’t even started in earnest, and this paper is telling us that it’s false, declaratively false, no need to pursue it further, and if you believe it, you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist.

This reminds me of another headline…

Headline Dewey Defeats Truman

Gore litigated for 37 days, and do you remember a “President Gore” in the history books?

This isn’t over until it’s over. When the Supreme Court rules on the final consequential lawsuits. Then, and only then, I’ll accept the result and go on with my life. Until then…