We have recently seen articles regarding the dangers of vaping.  The headline screams:  

Vaping death: Illinois man who recently used e-cigarette dies

Down near the bottom, was a short sentence:

The Illinois statement did not say whether the man had been vaping THC.

In the vast majority of cases we have seen, it is because people have been incorrectly using the device to vaporize THC oil purchased illicitly.  The lung problems were caused by lipoid pneumonia which is fat lodged in the lungs.  Your commercial e-juice does not contain any fat products.

So the government warns of the dangers of vaping when not mentioning the actual cause.  This is also compounded by the media who publishes sensational articles without all of the facts.

E-Cigarettes Save Lives

Though not proven to be completely safe, e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes.  They deliver the nicotine which is craved without the tars or additives of tobacco cigarettes.  They provide the ritual of "smoking". The nicotine in the juice can be dialed back until it is nicotine-free.